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artist bio | Leigh Nelson

Leigh's interdisciplinary practice includes painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, design and animation. Her work can be interpreted as a kinetic visual language unbound by the literal. Physical compositions shift between layers of past, present, and future - a voyage interweaving old and new, the familiar and unknown, the prevailing and ethereal.


Leigh discovered her passion for visual arts early on in life. After her first published illustration in Sports Illustrated for Kids did not earn any royalties,
a path towards graphic design became inevitable when a high school teacher commended her Microsoft Paint skills. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in design technology and a minor in visual arts, Leigh spent several years working in agency and corporate settings before taking a permanent leave of absence. 


Leigh spent the next chapter of her life dedicated to working with people, particularly youth, exploring and living in various parts of the world. Since returning to Minnesota and having obtained her master’s in education, Leigh spends time refining creative pursuits through various mediums. Her work juxtaposes certitude with ambiguity in hopes of transcending viewers beyond the bounds of everyday life and societal norms* to invoke curiosity, self-reflection, and ultimately, a deeper sense of presence.  

*societal norms from the artist’s perspective

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1999 - 2003

visual artist

2003 - 2007




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